What to drink on the low carb diet? See options with and without alcohol – Fitness Club

What to drink on the low carb diet?  See options with and without alcohol – Fitness Club


Is in doubt about what to drink on the low carb diet to get results? In this article I talk about the most suitable drinks to accompany your low carb foods.

Still don’t know what to eat? See this complete menu with all the recipes

Some drink options in this article are processed, use sweeteners and are not part of the real food proposal, but they are zero or low carb and break a tremendous branch when it makes you want to drink something that is not water.

Water is obviously always the most recommended. We need to go back to the old habits, like drinking water from the filter … This way we save our money, generate less waste, gain more health and leave companies (a little) less billionaires.

But for hours when you want to drink something different, check out these low carb drink options:

What to Drink on the Low Carb Diet

Normal water, sparkling water or flavored water

  • Sparkling or sparkling water with lemon squeezed or flavored with mint, cloves, rosemary, ginger, cucumbers, strawberries etc.
  • Industrialized flavored waters such as H2O and Aquarius

Sugar-free soft drinks

  • Coca-Cola / Pepsi, guarana, fruit sodas like fanta or lemonade in the sugar-free version (light / diet / zero)
  • Diet / Light tonic water
what to drink on the low carb diet

Energetic and isotonic

The biggest brands of energy drinks sold in Brazil such as Red Bull and Monster have a sugar-free / sugar free / low carb version, which makes them a good option to get out of the routine drinking pure or mixed with distilled beverages (read on to learn more about the alcoholic beverages).

Isotonics, on the other hand, are not low carb (the most famous brand, Gatorade, has no sugar-free version).


Zero soft drinks, light and other sugar-free industrialized drinks such as flavored waters and teas are zero carbo? Siiim! And why are they a healthy option? Nooooo!

That’s basically it: you can lose weight by drinking zero soda. During my time on the low carb road I saw zero reports of people who unlocked weight loss or started to lose weight faster after cutting zero soda.

I myself lost all the weight I needed completely addicted to Coca Zero. Today I only consume it eventually.


  • Pure coffee (can be Nescafé style)
  • Coffee mixed with a spoonful of fresh cream (excellent substitute for coffee with milk). You can also use vegetable milks like coconut milk. For a foamy touch, buy a battery-powered mini mixer for drinks, it looks great.
what to drink on the low carb diet


  • Herbal teas or dehydrated flowers of all kinds (mint, black tea, gorse, mate tea, hibiscus, green, lemon balm, chimarrão etc.). All just flowers or leaves.
  • Dehydrated herbs or flowers of all kinds flavored with essences (like pineapple, strawberry etc.)
  • Liquid teas like Feel Good, Lipton, Mate Leão, always in sugar-free versions


  1. There is no miraculous tea, deflates, dry tummy, slimming! There is what you can do every day throughout your entire life to eat well.
  2. Always consult the list of ingredients on the packaging to ensure that the tea is made only from macerated leaves or flowers.
  3. Coffee-based powders like cappuccino blends are nothing low carb, in general the first ingredient on the list is sugar.
  4. Beware of powdered teas. Hibiscus teas sold in health food stores mostly contain maltodextrin (a sweetener that raises blood sugar and can impair weight loss), fruit pulp and dyes.


At some point in recent history, TV advertisements have made us believe, albeit unconsciously, that fruit juices are a healthier drink option than water.

Fruits are healthy, real food. But they contain sugar (quite a few!) And your consumption should not be indiscriminate, even if you don’t need to lose weight.

In preparing the juice, the fibers are usually discarded, with much of the water and sugar remaining. And to make a glass of juice goes a considerable amount of fruit.

what to drink on the low carb diet

But for those who love a cold juice to vary from the water, low carb fruit juices can be good choices.

  • Lemon juice with or without sweetener
  • From red fruits like strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, or a mix
  • Acerola juice

In this post I talk about the consumption of fruits in low carb food

About the amount of juice from low carb fruits: in low carb there is no recommended amount of each recipe or food, but a daily quota of total carbohydrates in grams, keeping the quota you will have a result.

Here in this article I explain how to count carbohydrates in the diet

There’s something I never thought I liked and today I love it: sugar-free lemonade and no sweetener. Ever experienced?

Green Juice / Detox Juice

I get asked a lot here about green juice and detox juices: if the ingredients are low carb all right. If they are not low carb, then the juice will not be low carb.

But let me ask you something: what do you think a detox juice is going to do for the person? We already have a super machine called a kidney to play the role of eliminating toxins.

Do not forget: eating healthy is about what you stop eating, not about something miraculous that compensates for poorly made food choices over time.

ATTENTION POINT: Always disregard marketing claims on the packaging of industrialized beverages as one that is widely used in beverages, “without added sugar”. This does not even mean low carb, since in general the juices with this claim are of super sweet fruits by themselves.

Vegetable milks

Most vegetable milks are low carb and can be used in recipes and can also be mixed with coffee or mixed with fruit. Some delicious low carb options:

  • Coconut
  • Cashew nut milk
  • Of almonds
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Peanut milk

In this post I teach how to make vegetable milks from chestnuts and almonds

Soy milk should not be consumed as well as any industrialized food derived from soy, due to the anti-nutrients that soy has.


Kombucha is a probiotic drink (regulates intestinal flora) based on black tea or green tea. Like kefir, the fermentation of this tea occurs through a set of more than 30 bacteria and yeasts.

Among the several benefits of consuming this drink are the aid in the digestive system through the antioxidants present in fermented tea, as well as the preservation of collagen through a substance generated in the fermentation called glucosamine.

Learn more about Kombucha on the Low Carb Diet in this Article


It is a probiotic generated by a colony of microorganisms that help regulate the intestine.

This probiotic can be made with animal milk (milk kefir) or sugar water (water kefir), but the most used is milk kefir. You can mix fruit or make yogurt, pates, cream cheese and more.

what to drink on the low carb diet

In this article I talk more about the Kefir on the Low Carb Diet

Whey Protein

Whey protein is an interesting option to beat with water or with vegetable and fruit milks, especially for those people who don’t usually eat a lot of meat.

Like other industrialized products, always read the product label and check the amount of carbs per serving and also the list of ingredients, many brands take maltodextrin which is a sweetener with effects similar to those of sugar.

What to Drink on the Low Carb Diet – Alcoholic Beverages

Unlike the calorie restriction approach, low carb has a wide selection of drinks for you to make your head and lose weight anyway.

  • Pure spirits like gin, vodka, rum, whiskey and cachaça are zero carbo. To keep low carb mix with low carb fruits, sugar-free soft drinks or sparkling water.
  • Wine or sparkling wine, red or white, in dry versions, which do not contain added sugar.
  • Low carb beers (few craft brands distributed in Brazil)

See this comprehensive guide to alcoholic drinks on the low carb diet where I do some important warnings about low carb alcohol

See this low carb drink recipe with perfect gin for the weekend

Common questions about what to drink on the Low Carb diet

How much water should I drink?

All you want! I always felt super guilty for not wanting to drink the 2 liters of water daily (eight glasses) that conventional wisdom recommends. I made resolutions, filled bottles, but I never scored, because I just don’t feel thirsty for all this. Not for half of that, not for ¼ of that.

The recommendation of 2 liters of water daily came after a series of studies carried out in the 1940s, which concluded that 1 ml of water would be needed for each calorie ingested.

As the general recommendation is 2,000 calories / day, 2 liters of water / day would be recommended from all sources. But somewhere in this story, conventional wisdom has turned this recommendation into 8 glasses of water, in addition to what is already present in the food we eat and the other things we drink (coffee, for example).

And real food has water, lots of water, which supplies much of what we need to stay hydrated. Are you doing a good job and eating lots of low carb vegetables and fruits? If the answer is yes, you are well hydrated.

If you already have the habit of drinking a lot of water or drink very little and therefore want to change, know that a higher consumption can be an aid in weight loss: some studies like that, that e that show a relationship between water consumption and lower caloric intake at meals.

Which sweetener to use for teas, juices and coffees?

To sweeten, use sweetener instead of sugar. The most natural is Stévia, but I use liquid Sucralose (Blenda brand) because I find the flavor of Stévia unpalatable. Sucralose is not synthesized by the body, which makes moderate consumption a good option to replace sugar.

See here one complete guide to choosing the best sweetener in the low carb diet

The sweeteners that are used in recipes that range in temperature like erythritol and xylitol are granulated and may not melt completely, so it is better to opt for a liquid option for drinks.

what to drink on the low carb diet

Can I drink soft drinks or powdered teas without sugar / zero / diet / light on the low carb diet?

Products like the famous Clight have as their main ingredient maltodextrin, which, as I said before, is a sweetener that can slow down or slow down your weight loss. Maltodextrin is also found in diet jellies, oven and stove sweeteners, chewing gum like Trident and sugar-free chewable candies.

In the name of the health of your pocket and nature, make an effort to cut this type of product entirely.

Can I drink cow’s milk on the low carb diet?

Cow’s milk contains lactose (milk sugar) and has around 9 grams of carbohydrate for a glass, regardless of the type of milk (including lactose-free).

Are you curious to know why lactose-free milk is not low carb? In this post I talk about this and other doubts about the consumption of low carb dairy products.

Can I drink coconut water on the low carb diet?

Although the coconut is a low carb fruit, it is in the coconut water that most of the sugar is concentrated. Each 200 ml glass of coconut water has 11 grams of carbs, which gives more than half of the recommended daily allowance for those who lose more weight.

Then from the coconut you can use the flour, dry coconut (without sugar), roasted coconut flakes, etc. Only coconut water is not low carb and should be avoided.

What are your favorite drink options on the low carb diet? Do you usually consume something that does not appear in this article? Leave your tips in the comments!


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