8 Low Carb Cake Recipes to Calm the Inner Ant – Fitness Club

8 Low Carb Cake Recipes to Calm the Inner Ant – Fitness Club


You love a sweetie and consider yourself a real little ant? So it’s for you that I have gathered in one article my low carb cake recipes favorites, so you can choose the one you like the most!

There are options with fruits, with chocolate, without chocolate … There is one more elaborate for the weekend and there is one to kill that sweet tooth that comes in an overwhelming way.

If you’re starting low carb, this Step by Step with Menu and Recipes will be your Guide to start your healthy low carb diet!

Without further ado, let’s choose my favorite low carb cake recipes:

Chocolate Cake Low Carb

From the low carb cake recipes, this is certainly a classic for those people who like very chocolaty stuff, with chocolate dough and chocolate filling, chocolate icing …

Click here to access the recipe and the chocolate cake step by step

Low carb cake recipes

The mass of this bolo de chocolate low carb it takes grated dry coconut without sugar in the dough, which helps to make the cake very moist.

In order to a version of prestigious cake, you can split the cake dough in half horizontally and fill with this delicious low carb kisses recipe.

Blackberry Cake Low Carb

Amora is on the list of fruit with the least amount of carbohydrates and the price has been decreasing little by little in the last years.

When I started low carb it was very difficult to find, but now it is becoming common to find, at a reasonable price, the 100 gram packs that are used to prepare an entire recipe.

Low carb cake recipes

That blackberry cake it has a creamy filling made with cream cheese and for me it is one of the best low carb cake recipes I have ever tried!

Click here to see the complete recipe

look here about cream cheese and other cheeses and dairy products in the low carb diet

Carrot Dumplings with Chocolate

The classic of traditional cake classics gains a version with less carbohydrates maintaining the delicious flavor of the combination carrot with chocolate.

That same recipe can be made in this mini cake format in the silicone cupcake molds, but you can also use the same amounts of ingredients and bake a cake just in the form of an English cake.

See the complete recipe with step by step carrot cake

Banana Muffin with Chocolate

Banana on the low carb diet? Can that?

The banana is at the top of the list of fruit sweeter but this recipe just use a small super ripe banana for 6 cookies, so it ends up diluting.

Anyone who has children who love bananas at home will probably at one time or another end up with a banana past the good point to consume. Perfect time for this recipe for banana muffins with chocolate!

I already made it without chocolate and it is also delicious, perfect to eat with a black tea for breakfast.

Blueberry Muffins

Some call it blueberry, I prefer the affectionate name of purple balls that explode in the mouth. Like blackberry, Blueberry is also at the top of the list of fruits with less carbohydrates.

The cool thing about blueberries is that it lasts longer in the refrigerator than other fruit red like blackberry, raspberry and even strawberry.

Access the complete Blueberry Muffin recipe here

Chocolate Nuts Cupcake

My favorite nut couldn’t be left out of this selection of low carb cake recipes! I love the dough of this cake because it gets a very rustic texture, leaving the striking flavor of the nuts well.

A nice thing is that this creamy topping of this cupcake is sensational and can be made to combine with other low carb cake recipes from this relationship, put your imagination (and worms!) To create new ideas that you feel like.

Microwave Low Carb Mug Cake

Low Carb tends to naturally lessen your desperate cravings for sweets all the time, but even if you’ve been living in this lifestyle for years. But there will be times when that emergency will hit that needs to be resolved like, NOW.

This mug cake in the microwave goes very well at these times or with a different breakfast on a weekend and is also a good option to be taken to work or on a trip.

Low Carb Mug Cake Recipe

  • 2 shallow tablespoons of unsweetened shredded coconut
  • 1 shallow tablespoon of almond flour or other oilseed
  • 2 tablespoons of coconut milk
  • 1 this
  • 2 tablespoons of cream or sour cream without whey
  • 1 teaspoon of coconut oil
  • 25 drops of sweetener – sucralose 1 teaspoon of yeast
  • Cinnamon and coconut milk powder for sprinkling

1. Mix the liquid ingredients well, then the almond flour and the grated coconut and yeast.

2. Place the mixture in a small porcelain pot or large mug and microwave it for 2 minutes and 45 seconds (Watch because the time may vary from model to model)

3. Unmold and sprinkle with cinnamon and coconut milk powder.

Read more about how to deal with the desire for sweets in the low carb diet

Low Carb Lemon Cake

Do you like a touch of sourness in the desserts? So you will love this creamy lemon cake which is absolutely perfect accompanied by a mug of black tea.

Flour Substitutions

Get to know the low carb flours and tips on how to use and replace in recipes on my Low Carb Flour Guide.


Questions about the best sweeteners to use in the low carb diet? See this one Complete Guide to Sweeteners.

Does your inner ant also like other sweet foods? See this selection of delicious low carb desserts

How much can I eat of these low carb cake recipes?

Em low carb there is no recommended amount of each recipe or food, but a daily quota of carbohydrates totals in grams, keeping to the quota you will have a result.

Here in this article explain how to count carbohydrates in the diet

How about preparing one of these recipes in the next few days to enjoy less carbohydrates? Tell me in the comments which one you liked the most!


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