5 Common Mistakes in the Low Carb Diet (And How to Avoid It!) – Fitness Club

5 Common Mistakes in the Low Carb Diet (And How to Avoid It!) – Fitness Club


Making mistakes is part of it! Low Carb is a game of trial and error until you find the way that works for you. In today’s video you will see what are the Common Mistakes on the Low Carb Diet

And how can you avoid these mistakes to stay in the low carb lifestyle in the long run without having to worry about too many pounds to lose.

Did you try low carb, lose weight but get fat again?

If this is part of your story, know that you are not alone! The estimate is that something around 80% of people who lose weight gain weight again.

With all these years helping people who are low carb, I specialize in understanding what is behind why people cannot maintain the results and how I can contribute to changing that.

If you have difficulty maintaining your weight, watch the video and see if you fit into any of the common mistakes in the low carb diet, with tips to correct your focus and reach the weight you want.

There are a thousand books and websites about low carb eating, but basically, healthy eating is a daily practice, made up of a thousand choices, some of which can hinder your long-term goals.

But if you are willing to move on without beating yourself up and making the necessary adjustments, you can gradually build a healthy lifestyle that fills you with pride.

Common Mistakes on the Low Carb Diet

# 1 Treat as temporary

# 2 Too many numerals

# 3 Overdoing the recipes

# 4 Ignore the emotional

# 5 Do not prepare for maintenance

Have you made or do you make any of these mistakes? Watch the video and share your impressions in the comments!


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