5 Hot Tips for Weight Loss in the Quarantine (if you want!) – Fitness Club

5 Hot Tips for Weight Loss in the Quarantine (if you want!) – Fitness Club


People on the internet are super divided: half of the people talking badly about those who want to lose weight in the quarantine and half talking badly about those who want to stop everything and live the existential goat of the coronavirus.

It is the old human custom of worrying too much about the lives of others … Isn’t it easier for everyone to do what they want, to take a stress out of eating more or to keep the plan to eat healthy?

The fact is that many people who had been having low carb results are now eating more because of the time at home… And it’s okay to get fat in the quarantine! This is all very heavy and it is natural that we want to deal with eating more.

So I always reinforce that it is essential learn to deal with emotional issues without overeating (at least not always) …

Because when it’s not the Coronavirus, other crises of different proportions will happen … Some relationship problem, a family health problem, a job change, a financial issue …

lose weight in quarantine chocolate cake

Learning how to deal with good and bad emotions without resorting to exhaust valves is an important skill not only to control weight but also to evolve in other important ways.

I’m staying calm, eating real food most of the time without worrying about weight loss… Worrying and blaming yourself if you are gaining weight only adds to the stress!

These days I’m doing even more of one thing that I already do a lot in life: enjoy my home, work and make food! Cooking is great for alleviating anxiety and still having healthy little things to eat… A pity is the amount of crockery it generates!

If you want to lose weight in quarantine or just eat well without worrying so much, see these tips:

1) 30-minute recipes to lose weight in quarantine

Here at home the dishes are too much! With the children at home there is a much greater volume. So it is always good to have quick recipe ideas to prepare in 30 minutes without generating so much crockery and without spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

A very quick tip is to bake seasoned eggplant or zucchini slices in the oven until they wilt well, then remove to put the fillings you prefer and return to bake.

I always like to have frozen bolognese sauce, so you can make lasagna with meat and cheese, it’s delicious.

quarantine vegetables au gratin

Versions with ham and cheese, vegetarian with gorgonzola cheese, individual lasagna with zucchini strips and ground beef and my favorite, with tuna.

Here you can find the complete recipe

2) Prepare and cook for more

Some things you can prepare more to have in jars in the fridge or freezer to assemble a multitude of recipes.

  • Shredded chicken
  • Bolognese sauce
  • Washed green leaves
  • Steamed vegetables (broccoli, zucchini, green beans)

In the pantry it’s great to have items that last as long as a low carb flour, cans of tuna, tomato sauce and milk cream. With few items you can come up with lots of ideas!

Some recipes can be prepared on large platters to yield two or three meals. Some that I do a lot:

  • That eggplant lasagna yields a huge serving dish and tastes even better the next day;
  • That savory pie it is a classic and the variety of fillings is endless.
lose weight in quarantine salty pie

You can be sure that it will be much easier to lose weight in quarantine if you prepare for the lazy moments in the kitchen, because they will come!

3) Fruits

I did a survey with the followers of Instagram last week and almost 80% of people say they feel more like eating sweets quarantined. I identified myself a lot!

And if you, like most, are also feeling more of a sweet tooth, how about enjoying fruit you like without worrying so much about carbs?

I usually do not make snacks, but working from home makes me want to take a break at 4 pm… At that time eating fruit is an excellent idea!

It is normal that in low carb we redefine the relationship with fruits, stop eating several every day to eat smaller portions with more criteria …

For those who are already at that moment, the feeling of eating a super sweet fruit is as or more tasty than a dessert with sugar and the chances of the fruits preventing you from losing weight in the quarantine are low.

fruit bowl

Try to vary a lot and eat less sweets. On here has a complete guide to fruits on the low carb diet.

4) Desserts to lose weight in quarantine

There will be times when the fruit will not calm the little ant that lives inside of you, in this case an idea are individual cookies that you can make with a special icing.

  • That nut cupcake it’s incredibly delicious and this topping kills the sweet tooth a lot.
  • That muffin de banana it’s just incredible and perfect for enjoying that ultra-ripe banana left over at home. Banana is not low carb, but this recipe uses a ripe banana for six cookies. Diluting carbs is a super strategy!
nut cupcake

5) Baking bread

In English there is a very interesting expression: anxiety baking. The idea is that baking bread is therapeutic to relax when anxiety hits.

In addition to the process of baking warm bread, having a low carb bagel it is a great idea to eat cold cuts in a sandwich with slices of tomato and leaves, or in a hot joint, with that afternoon coffee.

lose weight in quarantine low carb bread

Did you like the ideas? How about sharing something low carb that you have prepared to eat these days to inspire those who want to lose weight in quarantine?


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