Low Carb Weekend: 10 Nice Strategies to Stay in Focus – Fitness Club

Low Carb Weekend: 10 Nice Strategies to Stay in Focus – Fitness Club


Low carb weekend, is it possible?

If there’s one thing I’ve heard a lot of times, it’s “I do everything right during the week, but at the end of the week everything goes down the drain!”

If you identify with that, know that you are not alone.

It’s normal to want to eat different things, have a drink, eat sweets, have family lunch, kill a sweet tooth that comes out of nowhere …

Many people have a lot of results coming out of time and when the low carb scheme – you can make some well-chosen exceptions even during the weight loss process!

I made an average of one free meal per week on my weight loss myself and I’m still here several years later. You just can’t sell yourself cheap!

I always say that with carbohydrates it is the same as with money:

If you want to get out of a financial squeeze or save for something, you have to tighten your budget, cut things you don’t need. When the situation normalizes you start spending again …

Only this time in a wiser way, investing your rich buck in things that are worth every penny (or every gram of carbohydrate, bringing back to the diet).

In this article I talk more about the exits of the diet

So you even get out of the scheme from time to time and still lose weight …

What you can’t do is to work hard during the week to end up being zero to zero on the weekend!

And what is worse, starting the week on Monday super anxious and with vibrations of failure … to once again embark on the ciranda of the temporary diet.

I’m not saying that it needs to be perfect and flawless to work, nor am I saying that it needs to schedule a day of the week to get off the diet.

Setting a right day to leave the diet works more to maintain weight after weight loss and even so…

Making this division between weekend and weekday food will never allow you to really resignify your food.

There will always be the food of the week that is suffering and the weekend food that is the reward.

That’s how I always say: low carb is super thin, with delicious food and without hunger. But what will make a difference to make it work in the long run (do not put on weight again) is the mindset game.

Friend’s advice: if you are doing low carb happy life and it is working, start NOW to worry about a mentality to hold your results.

Once it is understood that it is not only because you make some exceptions that you will PLAY WITH TWO FEET AND THE BODY REMAIN IN THE JACA and stay there swimming with an arm until 23:59 on Sunday…

I want you to know that has low carb foods that decorate a LOT with the weekend.

So today I have separated some super delicious delicious ideas, because the beautiful thing about low carb is that the food is not withered and dull …

So super rolls super from you stay as low carb as possible on the weekend, eating super well.

And I’m talking about the complete package, huh?

From the Friday night pizza to that snack with cake in the middle of an afternoon with no schedule. Come on?

1) Friday night pizza

This low carb pizza takes chicken cooked in the dough (yes, in the dough, and it is delicious!) And can be assembled with the most varied fillings.

As I already have chicken in the dough, I usually use more vegetable fillings like mushrooms, golden zucchinis with garlic in butter, broccoli with catupiry cheese…

But you can also put some fried linguine or bacon, for me it goes very well with the chicken in the dough.

Click here to see the pizza recipe

For a vegetarian option in this recipe, just exchange the same amount of chicken for soft boiled cauliflower, well drained and crushed.

This recipe is one of the reasons why I ALWAYS have shredded and frozen chicken at home.

It can be made too much to freeze itself. Have you ever thought how beautiful it is to have a ready made pizza dough in the freezer?

2) A roll to vary the breakfast

A lot of people choose eggs and a coffee with sour cream for coffee during the week, but on the weekend it’s a good idea, right?

This bread recipe it is a classic and you can vary it by placing seeds of sunflower and chia for a sandwich or to accompany scrambled eggs.

3) Snacks in the family before Saturday lunch

There are people who have the habit of having lunch very late on the weekend and until lunch time they snack on drinking something, which would be a violent attack on the traditional low-calorie diet model.

But in low carb you have a drink and a snack that is super close to your goal of losing weight.

Some of my favorite snacks:
Diced cheese of any kind with olive oil and oregano
Peanuts, cashews or salted almonds or not
Provolone chips with baked eggplant pate + olive oil and spices
Skewers of cheese cubes + basil leaf + cherry tomatoes

Here are some more highly snackable ideas

4) A drink to accompany

Gin is a zero-carbohydrate drink, but that doesn’t mean that gin drinks out there are low carb (most carry liqueurs that are sweetened).

To solve this problem, get to know the Drink Vida Low Carb, which is a super tasty option.

Totally zero carbo has the vodka with coke zero (super option of ballad too).

Little by little options of low carb beers appear, but still with expensive prices. Some on the market depending on where you live…

But many need to be purchased over the internet and it ends up being even more expensive with shipping, not to mention all the extra garbage.

I love beer and I can say that at no time did I stop drinking, but I certainly substituted a lot for the options with spirits in my weight loss process.

More about alcoholic drinks on the low carb diet

5) Lunch with the family

The idea here is to make people at the table say that that food doesn’t even look like food for those who want to lose weight.

For this, the tip is to make platters, very wet and cheeses. So you make a separate rice and a very colorful super salad and assemble your dish without the rice.

Shrimp in strawberries was already one of my favorite foods before low carb, come see what a delight my version.

That chicken fricasse also takes pumpkin and for me it is one of the top low carb recipes of my life, especially with fried bacon on top and finely chopped olives.

How about meatballs with a homemade tomato sauce? See these two ideas, one conventional with zucchini noodles, e this other stuffed with cheese.

The classic eggplant lasagna is a perfect low carb classic for a Sunday lunch.

6) That barbecue for a low carb weekend

Barbecue is by nature one of the greatest pleasures of living low carb.

At a barbecue on a conventional diet, usually on the second piece of meat you have already passed your quota, if you are going to have a drink then …

But in the low carb world you can go to the barbecue and eat until you’re tired, as long as choosing the right things.

It is clear that in this case the result is the consumption of calories that when in excess will harm the weight loss, but you do not go to barbecue every day, right?

I am from Rio Grande do Sul and practically grew up on a barbecue basis every Sunday… Only in Rio Grande do Sul there are always very carbohydrate side dishes… Rice, manioc flour and garlic bread always.

Over time I started incorporating incredible low carb side dishes into my barbecue! Some ideas:

Eggs in bell pepper

Cut a pepper of any color (red is perfect) on its side in two halves, being careful to make the edge straight.

Take the brains out carefully and throw in a grated cheese, a little oil and salt.

Throw one or two eggs (depending on the size of the pepper), finish with more salt and fresh thyme and put on the grill. It takes about 20 minutes to get ready.


Tomato without water and seeds, green pepper and diced onion. Lots of sliced ​​chives and olive oil, vinegar, pepper, salt and oregano. This one does not fail in ONE barbecue of mine!

Cauliflower salad with mayonnaise

Cook soft cauliflower florets, seasonings like parsley, grated carrots, salt and throw this over wonderful low carb mayonnaise.

Zucchini on the barbecue with cheese

I cut the zucchini into slices of 1 cm more or less… Seasoning with salt, oil, oregano and black pepper.

I play on the grill and let it brown on both sides, then I throw a slice of cheese of any kind and wait for it to melt.

Whole broccoli

If you like broccoli and do not know this idea, you will be impressed by the crispy texture that the broccoli roasted on the grill has.

Just season with olive oil and salt and throw your whole head on the grill, then as it gets browned on the outside, you take it out, serve it and go back to the grill to brown it more.

Here where I live, asparagus costs ONE KIDNEY, so I use it very rarely … But they have a sensational texture seasoned in the same way and roasted on the grill.

Curd cheese skewer

For those who want to stay low carb on the beach this is always a card in the sleeve, and it is a delight to accompany the barbecue at home too.

More side ideas for a low carb weekend BBQ on here

7) Desserts to share

That blueberry quiche it’s one of my favorite low carb desserts ever, I’ve been doing more because the price of blueberries is getting more and more affordable (wow!).

The moment when the blueberries baked in the pie explode in the mouth is something really memorable ❤️

If you are on the chocoholics team, make this chocolate mousse that has an incredible texture.

8) SOS afternoon hunger

My kids eat bananas and now and then a very ripe one is left, which I leave for a few days in the fridge to make this banana muffin.

Banana is not low carb but it is real food, and a banana divided into 5 or 6 cookies that the recipe yields is a great deal.

This chocolate cupcake with cover is delicious and you can adapt the quantities of the ingredients for a very quick version of a mug made in the microwave.

9) Quick and easy dinners for a low carb weekend

A lot of people eat a super lunch and then they want to have a lighter dinner … It’s like that for me too.

Two light ideas for your Saturday and Sunday nights:

Eggplants with tomato sauce, cheese and tuna – this dish is ready very quickly.

That zucchini cannelloni to be stuffed in a variety of ways and it’s also ready very quickly.

It often happens that there is meat left over from the barbecue … In this case, my gaucho tradition shouts “CARRETEIRO !!” and I obey!

See my low carb version of the gaucho carter

10) Self-forgiveness

If you eat out of what you have planned, mistreating yourself in thoughts is not going to be very helpful.

At that time, treat yourself as your best friend would treat you, with words of understanding, forgiveness and best wishes!

Remember: changes in healthy habits happen from the inside out and emotions play an important role in this project (more than having a menu and recipes!).

So take care of your internal game, seeking discipline, but self-forgiveness is essential to shake off the dust, turn around and return to focus on the next meal.

Did you like the weekend ideas? Does the weekend tend to be complicated for you to keep eating healthier? Let’s exchange ideas in the comments!


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