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Intermittent fasting: What they don't tell you about it - Vida Low Carb

He spent the weekend, he spent a long holiday …

At these times, many people appear after the “detox”, to get rid of the excesses…

And at that time a lot of people want to radicalize, spend 24, 48 hours on intermittent fasting.

First of all, it is important to comment that I have absolutely nothing against intermittent fasting, I myself have been a practitioner for several years and I love the freedom it provides.

Those who manage to fast following their signs of hunger and their intuition usually get rid of that familiar routine …

Having breakfast thinking about lunch …

Have lunch thinking about lunch …

And have a snack thinking about what you’re going to have for dinner.

But my specialty is the low carb of real life, where not everything is protocol, schedules, macros and micronutrients, accounts and more accounts.

In real life, the emotional, the mental and the social weigh more. A lot more.

And although with each passing day science is demonstrating more and more the health benefits of fasting like burning fat and regenerating cells, I think it is important to raise some points that no one talks about.

Many people end up alternating jacada with intermittent fasting

This scenario is very common:

The person has just met low carb and in the early days is amazed how in this lifestyle where it is possible to eat to satiety.

Going forward in her research, she is faced with the term intermittent fasting, more and more present around and almost always associated with low carb food.

And without even starting to heal their relationship with food through real food, there goes the desperate person wanting to know what breaks fast, what doesn’t, what are the protocols.

Protocols, applications to count the fasting time…

But how so? Wasn’t it supposed to eat to satiety and respect hunger without worrying about time to eat?

The reality is that even though they love low carb food and have good results, people eat things off the diet, and everything is fine.

Except that instead of starting from the point where they were without warming their heads, many people want to solve them with quick solutions and fasting is a solution that is often adopted.

Hence with little or no time to adapt to the consumption of low carb foods and the use of fat as fuel, the person is already alternating fries with fasting. And still experiencing hunger that comes as a result of the excess insulin caused by jacada.

Do you realize that it is the same old scenario of alternating deprivation (hunger) with overeating things that are not healthy? And where do the nutrients we need stay?

In this scenario, the intermittent fasting that is supposed to be a release from the eternal will to eat is seen as a punishment, and the moments of playing with everything on the carbs are seen as a reward.

Intermittent fasting and binge eating

If you are or have been overweight for many years or even decades, there is a huge chance that there will be problems in your relationship with food.

Of you being an intense person, of extremes, of eight or eighty. If you recognize yourself in this, give a hug here, we are together.

In this scenario, instead of the person having a complete meal with many nutrients, they take advantage of the window of time in which they were willing to eat by eating compulsively.

Just as fasting can be a holy remedy, there is a fine line between intermittent fasting with good intentions and eating disorder. Be careful and work on your emotional relationship with food before living to extremes.

Here’s how to control your carb consumption

intermittent fasting

Strict fasting protocols charge a high social price

Have you ever stopped to think how rare social occasions do not involve food? In many countries even funerals involve a large amount of food.

As social beings, we eat. We love to get together to eat, with family, with friends, with coworkers at the end of the year parties or in the various happy hours. All professional events have a coffee break.

If you planned for a fasting protocol with a scheduled date and time, how is it if a dear friend calls you for lunch to exchange ideas? Do you go and give fish out of the water sitting without eating anything?

Schedule for another day so as not to disrupt your protocol?

Doing so can bring you a sense of deprivation and what started out as a real desire to be healthier can be a tremendous shot in the foot.

How to Do Intermittent Fasting Safely

By eating less carbohydrates and focusing on real food you will control your blood glucose without much effort and without hunger.

With that, you will be more in touch with your real appetite, without the eternal roller coaster of glycemia bursting and plummeting.

Thus, it is normal for people to start eating less meals or even skipping traditional meals (such as breakfast for example).

This is intermittent fasting, dictated by convenience, routine and appetite.

But when there is a force bar to comply with strict protocols, control time without eating on the clock or with apps, a dysfunctional relationship with food can be established or worsened.

Understand that intermittent fasting is not mandatory to lose weight. If the idea of ​​fasting seems scary to you, don’t go out doing it just because others are. You can lose weight on low carb by eating six meals a day if you prefer.

At the same time it is important that you know that eating more meals does not improve the weight loss result and that this talk that breakfast is the main meal of the day has zero scientific basis. In the midst of it all, it is always better to do what makes the most of your appetite and routine.

And if fasting seems like a good idea, I recommend that you try low carb food for months before you start, because then your relationship with food will be better resolved.

If you feel hungry or deprived, sad or irritable, forget about fasting and eat low carb as usual.

If you notice that you are alternating fries with intermittent fasting, forget about intermittent fasting and eat low carb foods according to your appetite.

For those who consume alcohol it can be even worse. Alternating days of the week with many fasting hours with weekends of excessive alcohol consumption even has a name: drunkorexia.

If you leave the low carb scheme, the next meal is always an opportunity to resume where you were.

Regulate your natural hunger with real food with less carbohydrates, but have the wisdom to listen to what your body says, without controlling schedules and protocols.

Take care of your emotional and mentality. In the frying of the eggs, this will help you much more to lose and keep your weight under control in the long run, as a life project.

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