Casein Protein Powder – 100% Natural Ingredients | Legion Casein+ – Fitness Club

Casein Protein Powder - 100% Natural Ingredients | Legion Casein+

Casein+ Is Made With High-Quality Milk From Small, Sustainable Irish Dairy Farms

We pay a premium to source our casein protein from small, family-owned dairies in Ireland for several reasons.

1. Ireland has stricter dairy regulations than the United States. [11]

A key measurement of milk quality is the number of somatic cells present in it, which are a fundamental type of cell that forms the body of an organism.

Most of the somatic cells present in milk are white blood cells, which protect against infectious disease and foreign invaders.

Thus, the amount of somatic cells in milk indicates how healthy the cows are. Lower numbers of somatic cells in milk means healthier cows that, in turn, produce healthier milk.

Due to Ireland’s strict regulatory policies and long-held traditions of small, family-run dairies, research shows Irish milk generally has a lower somatic cell count (and thus higher quality) than much of the milk produced in the USA. [12]

This is one reason why Ireland is the 10th largest dairy export nation in the world, with over 18,500 family-owned dairy farms producing approximately 1.4 trillion gallons of milk annually.[13]

2. The milk comes from cows that spend the majority of the year outside, eating grass.

In a way, cows are like kids—the more time they spend outside, the better.

This is why studies show that the more grass cows eat (instead of other types of feed such as grains or soybeans), the more nutritious their milk and beef is. [14][15][16]

Keep in mind, however, that just because a company claims their dairy comes from “grass-fed” cows, doesn’t mean they’re exclusively or even mostly grass-fed.

The “grass-fed” label can be used if the cow simply ate grass at some point in its life. It does not mean it ate or eats only grass.

Unfortunately, even the “100% grass-fed” label doesn’t guarantee anything either because it’s not regulated like the organic label.

So, when you see a supplement company boldly proclaiming that its protein powder comes from grass-fed cows, take it with a grain of salt.

Just one bite of grass in their lives technically qualifies the cows as “grass-fed,” and in most cases, no agency is verifying the truthfulness of such marketing promises.

In the case of Casein+, however, it’s made with milk that comes from cows that spend the majority of the year outside, eating grass. This leads to naturally healthier herds and higher quality milk.

Additionally, many dairy cows are injected with a genetically modified growth hormone called recombinant bovine growth hormone, or rBGH, to increase milk production.

Studies suggest consuming the milk from cows treated with such drugs may increase risk of disease in some people and that more research is needed. [17]

Thus, we’ve chosen to source milk exclusively from farms that don’t give their cows modified growth hormones.

Antibiotics are also often administered to cows to help them overcome sickness and stay healthy. When used responsibly, these drugs are an important tool for reducing animal suffering and promoting and protecting the health and well-being of both cows and humans.

That said, when cows are receiving antibiotics, trace amounts can make it into their milk, making it unfit for human consumption.

To ensure tainted milk doesn’t find its way into the food supply, the farms we buy from remove cows being treated with antibiotics from the milk cycle until they’re healthy and testing free of drugs.

3. Irish casein protein has an outstanding flavor and texture.

Irish casein is noticeably richer, creamier, and more savory than even the best American casein products.

You’ll notice the difference in your first sip!

Casein Protein Powder - 100% Natural Ingredients | Legion Casein+
Casein Protein Powder - 100% Natural Ingredients | Legion Casein+

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